Lee Bowerman Muralist Historical Mural Painter Residential and City Murals since 1975

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Lee Bowerman Muralist Historic Murals Building mural art

The Art Depot updated June 11, 2013

Daily Sentinel article about Lee Bowerman painting the original Art Depot Mural Lee Bowerman Based in Grand Junction Colorado creates UPDATED mural for Art Depot muralist wall mural Faux Finishes Mural Painter Lee Bowerman Muralist Lee Bowerman updates the exterior mural of the Art Depot in Grand Junction

Exterior mural on corrugated metal by muralist Lee Bowerman

Mining Portal Mural on a Corrugated Metal Building Located in the Redlands outside of Grand Junction Colorado.Lee Bowerman, muralist, creates stunning murals throughout the Western Slope of Colorado.

Mining Portal outside Mural Painting by Lee Bowerman Wall Murals Mining Portal outside Mural Painting by Lee Bowerman Lee Bowerman Muralist Murals for Homes and Communities Mural Painter Lee Bowerman For Walls     Faux Painting      Trompe-l'œil Lee Bowermen Mural Painter

Muralist Southwest US Colorado Arizona Powderhorn Ceiling Mural

Private residence wall and celing murals - Mesa County Colorado

Residential wall mural by Lee Bowerman Historical Muralist Residential Wall Mural Mural Home Lee Bowerman Muralist Aspen Trees wall mural Lee Bowerman Muralist Historical Muralist Eaglets Wall mural by Lee Bowerman Muralist